H-E-B’s shy billionaire explains why he’s donating $100 million to improve Texas schools

According to the news article, H-E-B’s shy billionaire explains why he’s donating $100 million to improve Texas schools, published by Dallas News on February 2, 2017, Charles Butt, head of
H-E-B stores, has made a $100 million investment to create a new institute that will be dedicated to training school principals as well as superintendents.

How Investing in Preschool Beats The Stock Market, Hands Down

According to a new paper published in December 2016, The Life-Cycle Benefits of an Influential Early Childhood Program, co-authored by Nobel laureate James Heckman, a professor of economics at the University of Chicago and the director of the Center for the Economics of Human Development.

2015-2016 Initiative Report

The Prosper Waco 2015-2016 Initiative Report was distributed at the 2016 Prosper Waco Summit on September 19.
The Initiative Report highlights the progress the initiative has made since inception in January of 2015, along with brief descriptions of the ongoing efforts currently being implemented in the Waco community.

Another Place Where K-12 Funders Are Keen to Connect the Dots for Greater Impact

In the realm of education, a source of frustration among funders is uncoordinated, duplicative efforts that don’t get the desired results. One solution to this problem is collecting impact: aligning multiple programs and projects to reach educational goals, including improved standardized test scores, higher graduation rates and greater college readiness.

Business Has The Power To Drive Social Change

Shared value guru Mark Kramer said he’s reached a startling realization: that business has the power and the potential to drive social change.
At an Australian forum, leaders in business and other capacities discussed “shared value,” which is a management strategy where companies generate economic value in a way that also produces value for society.

Getting On Board With Collective Impact

Collective impact is catching fire all over the world…even in Australia, where advocate for social change and Director for Strategic Engagement at Uniting, Doug Taylor is working.

Commentary: Flint Shows Need For Innovative City-State Partnerships

Partnerships between cities and states can enable communities to face long-term economic challenges that don’t have simple solutions. That kind of cooperation is what is happening in Waco through the Prosper Waco initiative and the National Resource Network, which provides cost-cutting technical assistance to cities around the country.

Defining Quality Collective Impact

“Collective impact” can be a hard concept to wrap your head around. Leaders of StriveTogether, a collective impact initiative based in Cincinnati, Ohio, put 18 months of work into providing a clear definition.

Amplifying The Voice of Community In Collective Impact

Community members are at the heart of collective impact. This article explores tools that a backbone organization, like Prosper Waco, can use to connect community members to more formal positions of power in the initiative.

Prosper Waco: Moving Forward In 2016

Interested in what the Prosper Waco backbone and community partners are currently working on? Download our What To Expect In 2016 report to learn about the projects we are working on, a master calendar of events and our strategic plan for community engagement.