Mission Waco

Mission Waco offers various social services that include case management, referral services, job training and some counseling. Clothing vouchers, showers, limited laundry ($1 per load), telephones, and mailing addresses available to homeless persons.

My Brother’s Keeper is a chronic homeless shelter operated by Mission Waco. The first three free nights at the shelter are free. After the 4th night through the 30th night, there is a $2/night fee, which also includes breakfast. After 30 days, bed fees go to $5/night, for a total of 63 days. Once an application is on file, applicants request a bed on a daily basis at the Meyer Center. “Cold weather nights” at the shelter are open to anyone, regardless of ability to pay. Clothing vouchers and the Meyer Center Clinic are also available to applicants for $1/voucher and $2/visit. Those staying in the shelter will be expected to meet with a social worker to devise a plan to move you from shelter to housing.

Address: 1226 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701
Phone: 254-296-9866, ext. 200