Notes & Updates

Below are updates from each working group that are given out at the steering committee meetings. If you would like more information about the updates, please call us at 254-741-0081.

Financial Security Updates

Waco Foundational Employment Network
WFEN Update_March2016
WFEN Update_May2016
WFEN Updates_June2016
WFEN Updates_August2016
WFEN Updates_October2016
WFEN Updates_Jan2017

CampusTown Waco Initiative
CTW Update_March2016
CTW Update_May2016
CTW Updates_December 2016
CTW Updates_January2017

Opportunity Youth
OY Updates_May2016
OY Updates_June2016
OY Updates_August2016
OY Updates_October2016
OY Updates_Nov2016
OY Updates_Dec2016

Health Updates

Live Well Waco (Obesity Work Group)
LWW Update_March2016
LWW Update_May2016
LWW Updates_June2016
LWW Updates_July2016
LWW Updates_August2016
LWW Updates_September2016
LWW Updates_October2016
LWW Updates_Dec2016
LWW Updates_Jan2017
LWW Updates_April2017

Access to Care Work Group
Access to Care Update_March2016
Access to Care Update_May2016
Access to Care Updates_ June2016
Access to Care Updates_August2016
Access to Care Updates_Sept2016
Access to Care Updates_Oct2016
Access to Care Updates_Nov2016
Access to Care Updates_Dec2016
Access to Care Updates_Jan2017
Access to Care Updates_Feb2017
Access to Care Updates_April2017

Women’s Health Work Group
Goal Setting & Strategies Update_March2016
Action Plan for Campaign_March2016
Draft Plan_May2016
Women’s Health Update_May2016
Women’s Health Update_August2016
Women’s Health Updates_September2016
Women’s Health Updates_October2016
Women’s Health Updates_Jan2017
Women’s Health Updates_Feb2017
Women’s Health Updates_July2017
Women’s Health Updates_August2017

Education Updates

School Readiness Work Group (formerly Kindergarten Readiness Work Group)
Kindergarten Readiness Update_March2016
Kindergarten Readiness Update_May2016
Kindergarten Readiness Updates_June2016
Kindergarten Readiness Updates_July2016
School Readiness Updates_August2016
School Readiness Updates_September2016
School Readiness Updates_October2016
School Readiness Updates_Nov2016
School Readiness Updates_Jan2017
School Readiness Updates Updates_Feb2017
School Readiness Udpates_March2017

College & Career Success Work Group (formerly Post-Secondary Work Group)
Post-Secondary Update_March2016
Post-Secondary Update_May2016
Post-Secondary Updates_June2016
College and Career Success Update_July2016
College and Career Success Updates_August2016
College and Career Success_September2016
College and Career Success_October2016
College and Career Success Updates_Jan2017
College and Career Success Updates_March2017
College & Career Success Updates_May2017

Community Support Group
Community Support for Children and Schools meeting – June 30, 2016
Community Support for Children and Schools Updates_October2016