Waco has been the center of various well-documented studies and assessments regarding education, health, and financial security. Click on the name of the report for the entire study or assessment.

Live Well Waco Asset Map: The Live Well Waco Leadership team created the asset map to promote a better understanding of diversity within the community while helping community members locate fresh produce and healthy foods, exercise facilities, healthcare facilities, and other local resources. Live Well Waco is a coalition dedicated to improving the health of people living, working and playing in McLennan County, and is working to advance the healthy eating goals of the Prosper Waco initiative. To access the asset map, click here.

Emergency Department Usage in the City of Waco During 2016: The Prosper Waco backbone has partnered with Baylor Scott & White Hillcrest Medical Center and Providence Healthcare Network, to aggregate emergency room usage between both hospital systems. This data is being used across the initiative’s various work groups to help target high-need zip codes for programming and community education.

Greater Waco Community Indicators Scorecard: These annual scorecards are an in-depth look at various indicators the Prosper Waco team is tracking in regards to education, health and financial security.

  • 2015 Greater Waco Community Indicators Scorecard
  • 2016 Greater Waco Community Indicators Scorecard

  • House Bill 4 Report: The goal of this report is to assist McLennan County’s community organizations, community members, and policymakers in understanding the districts’ motivations for applying or not applying for the HB4 grant, as well as how HB4 funding will be used locally. Thanks to Waco Foundation for funding the research for this project.

    Waco-McLennan County Trended Health Report – 2016

    Women’s Health Focus Group Project Report 2016: The Healthy Babies Coalition, an initiative of the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District, Prosper Waco’s Women’s Health Group and SmartBabies, an early childhood initiative of the Waco Foundation, collaborated to produce a report on women’s health through focus groups.

    2015 National Resource Network Assessment: The Network partners with American cities that are rounding the corner from major economic challenges to help them identify and implement new and practical solutions to facilitate their path to economic recovery and growth.

    2014 Upjohn Economic Development Study: The key aim of this data-driven research effort is to identify the components of an economic development strategy that could concurrently enhance the local economic base and provide a sustainable pathway for economically disadvantaged Waco residents toward full-time, permanent employment.

    Waco-McLennan County Community Health Needs Assessment: These assessments, done every three years, survey Waco residents and ask questions via telephone and surveys on their overall health and various other health aspects.

  • 2013 Waco-McLennan County Community Health Needs Assessment
  • 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment

  • 2012 City of Waco Poverty Solutions Steering Committee Report: This report is designed to be a guide for strategic planning and action to reduce the level of poverty in Waco and to assure that all of Waco’s residents share in future prosperity.

    Draft 2040 City of Waco Comprehensive Plan: Download the most recent version of the City of Waco comprehensive plan that will guide development in the city over the next 25 years. This plan is currently undergoing the adoption process.

    Imagine Waco Downtown Development Plan: The Imagine Waco plan for downtown development was created with the input of dozens of community stakeholders who contributed to the vision of what Downtown Waco can be.

    North Waco Development Plan: A number of community development organizations are working collaboratively to revitalize North Waco. This plan guides the development efforts of those working to strengthen and restore an important and historic section of our city.