The single best predictor of first-year reading achievement is the child’s knowledge of and the ability to recognize and name the upper- and lower- case letters of the alphabet (Adams, 1990; Honig, 1996; Riley, 1996). Stahl (1997) found that knowledge is still the strongest predictor of reading success in fourth grade. A child with automatic, accurate recognition of letters will have an easier time learning about letter sounds and word spellings than a child who does not know the letters of the alphabet. (Source)

Predictors like those aforementioned are reasons why the Prosper Waco Kindergarten Readiness Work Group has decided to promote a free parenting tool called Vroom. We know there isn’t a silver bullet to preparing children to enter Kindergarten ready to succeed, but Vroom is one tool that any adult can use to help build the brain of a child ages o to 5.


Vroom is a free parenting app that you can download on your smartphone, tablet or computer and will provide you with daily age-appropriate brain building activities to do with your infant, toddler or preschooler. These activities don’t require you to purchase anything. The activities use items that already exist in your house such as pots & pans. Each activity is paired with a science-based background which allows the adult to understand how that specific activity is helping build that child’s brain. If you don’t have access to a smartphone or the Internet, call us at 254-741-0081 and we will provide you with a physical copy of the brain building activities.

Watch this video and see in action some of the brain building activities that Vroom offers!

To download the app, visit the app store, select “Daily Vroom”, fill out the information about your child and start brain building!

Don’t forget to use #Vroom254 when promoting activities that help build a child’s brain!

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