Waco Power Switch

Looking for ways to reduce your electricity bill? Waco Power Switch is here to help!

“Electric bills are one of my biggest bills in the hot summer months. And I just spent a Sunday afternoon researching all the choices out there. After several hours reading a lot of fi ne print, I got confused and fed up. Now, thanks to the Waco Power Switch, I get my Sunday afternoon back and together we can save on our electric bills. The average household could save several hundreds of dollars, and that’s money that I’d rather have in my pocket than give to the electric company.” – John Kinnaird, Community Volunteer in Waco.

To get a fair and competitive rate, we will form a group together with many other residents from Greater Waco and organize an electricity auction among electricity providers. This way we can secure a fair and competitive rate for our community!

You can register by September 27, 2017. On October 9, you will get a personal energy offer via email. If you decide to switch, we will take care of the switch for you.

Remember it’s free. It only takes a few minutes and there is no obligation to take the winning offer!

Click here to register!