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Data reveal inequities during COVID-19

By Emily Hunt-Hinojosa

Prosper Waco, like many of you, has been thinking deeply about a number of community inequities exposed and potentially exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This month, our research team had the opportunity to participate in the Groundwater Training hosted by Waco Foundation and Cooper Foundation. We also supported the effort by providing data regarding patterns of racial inequities in our community.

As we track a number of indicators across Waco, we are committed to paying attention to data in its “disaggregated” form and making this data available to the community. (Disaggregated data refers to information that is broken down in component parts, such as ethinic/racial groups or education levels).

While it is important to know how we are ALL doing on a number of outcomes — income, employment, education, access to healthcare, teen pregnancy, etc. — we also want to know to what extent those outcomes vary by groups. This can help us develop strategies and solutions to address a number of inequalities in Waco.

We invite you to visit our local data portal,, where you can explore a number of key statistics through the lens of race-equity by selecting an indicator and then viewing the map for various racial and ethnic categories.

We’ll be sharing about this community resource at next month’s Non-Profit Network, hosted by the Cooper Foundation.

Emily Hunt-Hinojosa, Ph.D., is director of research and community impact for Prosper Waco. (Emily is no longer with the Prosper Waco staff. Jeremy Rhodes, Ph.D., functions in a similar role.)


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