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It's good to finally be in Waco

I’m finally moving back to Waco. After finishing grad school at Baylor in 2011, I’ve worked as a sociology professor at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene for the last 10 years. Since February, I’ve worked part-time for Prosper Waco remotely, and I am really excited to start working in Waco.

During these four months, I’ve been finishing out my last semester as a professor, and I’ve learned a lot from a distance about how Prosper Waco functions. For example,

  • These people are some serious experts at what they do. There’s a lot of experience in these offices, and I’ve been continually impressed with their expertise, their dedication, and their creativity. I think they’re going to make this good.

  • Our CEO, Suzii Paynter March, knows everything about everything in Waco. You need to know something about city politics? Local religious organizations? Housing policy? How about planned business development or real estate investment? Or Waco’s role in statewide legislation? She can probably tell you a hundred things you didn’t know, and I’m really looking forward to learning a few of them.

  • The staff likes to have a good time. They laugh a lot, and they’re good at making things fun.

  • Our offices are pretty close to Taco Bell, and this is very important to me. I’m accepting congratulations.

Jeremy Rhodes, Ph.D., is director of research and community impact for Prosper Waco.

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