Become a brain builder!

Join Prosper Waco community partners, such as Waco ISD, Klaras Children’s Center ECI, Mayborn Museum Complex, Cameron Park Zoo and many more, to raise awareness about a free parenting tool called Vroom! Vroom is a free app that provides daily, age-appropriate activities for adults and infants, toddlers and preschoolers to do together! Each brain building activity is paired with a science background, allowing the adult to understand the impact the activity has on the child’s brain development.

To learn some ways to promote Vroom, visit the Vroom tab!


A Collective Impact Initiative

A collective impact initiative is distinctly different from a collaboration. 
Unlike most collaborations, collective impact initiatives involve a:

  • centralized infrastructure
  • dedicated staff
  • structured process that leads to:
    • a common agenda
    • shared measurements
    • continuous communication
    • backbone organization to mobilize, facilitate and coordinate efforts
    • mutually reinforcing activities among all participants

Derived from John Kania and Mark Kramer, “Collective Impact,” Stanford Social Innovation Review (Winter 2011).

We Are All Prosper Waco

In 2014, years of vigorous work by the caring citizens of Greater Waco culminated in Prosper Waco, a collective impact initiative that pools, strengthens and further motivates the work of those dedicated to enhancing local outcomes in the areas of health, education and financial security.

The history of how Prosper Waco developed is worthwhile in its connection to utilizing the collective impact model. Measurable results have been established and strategies have been developed!

If you live in the Greater Waco area, you are vital to this initiative. Whether you function within a committee or work group or stay informed as an active observer, Prosper Waco is being built with you in mind.

The Prosper Waco Vision

Waco, Texas. Empowering every member of our community to maximize his or her potential.