How We Work

Prosper Waco uses a collective impact model to promote change. There are 5 elements to this model.

Common Agenda

Prosper Waco is driven by the goals of key Waco partners and makes those goals more visible in the community.

Shared Measurements

Prosper Waco makes available a data platform to help all organizations better understand our community --

Mutually Reinforcing Activities

Prosper Waco Working Groups provide the platform that enables organizations to work together in pursuit of mutual goals.

Continuous Communication

Prosper Waco Working Groups meet regularly and promote ongoing communication in both formal and informal settings.

Backbone Organization Support

Prosper Waco functions as the Trusted Broker for building community teams dedicated to orchestrating pursuit of common goals and fundraising.

Our Collective Impact Process

Prosper Waco's collective impact process involves two phases - Analysis & Action.

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Analysis Phase

In order to address challenges related to education, health, and financial security, Prosper Waco aids community organizations in understanding the particular “landscape” in each area of concern.

Landscape Analysis

Landscape analysis makes obscure realities more visible by highlighting assets and deficits. Data reveals part of the landscape, but discussion among engaged partners plays a role, as well. Landscape analysis helps reveal where gaps exist and which community partners may play a role in addressing those gaps.

Goal Alignment

Goal Alignment is an outgrowth of the Landscape Analysis. Prosper Waco seeks to align its work with the key organizations related to specific challenges and key reports. This requires understanding of the varied organizational goals to determine the stakeholders in any effort and how their goals intersect.

Identifying Change Agents

As gaps are discovered and partners are identified, Prosper Waco asks this question: Is an organization available and willing to address the gap? When available and willing organizations are identified, PW works to support those organizations. If no organization is identified, PW works to incubate a community response.

Action Phase

Support and Expand Ongoing Efforts

When organizations are able and willing to address identified gaps, Prosper Waco pursues a two-step approach.

Support existing organizations by consulting with leaders, convening partners, starting new or strengthening existing working groups, and providing financial support as needed and available. 

Expand existing organizations by helping them to expand their scope of work by consulting with leaders, convening partners, and providing financial support as needed and available.

Incubate New Efforts

When there is no organization to address identified gaps, Prosper Waco pursues an incubation process that involves PW providing staff to support  implementation of new projects.

The goal is for PW to grow and launch such projects and initiatives that can become free-standing organizations or become part of an existing organization.

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Education & workforce alignment are vital so all Wacoans are on an equitable path for career success.

Hermann Pereira