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Waco Connect

Waco Connect assists residents in accessing key safety net resources that promote mental health and wellness. Resources are centered around key categories of needs
proven to have an impact on overall health. These categories include food, housing, employment, transportation, education, physical/emotional safety, and other social needs.

Prosper Waco now has social workers working with the Waco Police Department and a Baylor Scott & White Health to assist targeted populations.

Hogg Foundation Fellow
The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health awarded Prosper Waco a grant to fund a Mental Health Policy Fellow for two years. This strengthens PW’s work in policy, which
is critical for promoting systemic change.


Futures Worth Protecting

Our community’s ability to grow and prosper is directly linked to the success of future generations. Adults need to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to make healthy decisions. Without engaged adults, teenagers will choose behaviors that negatively impact their lives long into adulthood.

Teen pregnancy and other consequences of risky sexual behavior can derail life plans and shortchange a person’s future. Adults matter.


Prosper Waco supports building strong teens with positive futures in education, health, and financial security and equipping adults to be strong voices for adolescent sexual health and responsible behavior. This community effort requires the coordination of partners and an increased awareness of reproductive health services in Greater Waco.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Prosper Waco is committed to addressing teen pregnancy and reproductive health by
improving communication between adults and teens about sex and breaking down
barriers to reproductive healthcare services.

More Than The Talk
Prosper Waco has launched a website,, to provide more
information about teen sexual health. The site has separate sections for adults and teens. It is not yet fully operational, but it is now available.

School District Support & Training
Prosper Waco supports area ISDs as they select sex education curricula consistent with state-designated processes. This effort involves effective use of a district’s School Health Advisory Council.

Prosper Waco partners with the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and Waco Family Medicine to host online sex education trainings for school districts in

Education Service Center Region 12. We train school staff and board members on topics such as: Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills and new state laws related to sex education; building effective SHACs; and using online resources for sex education research, selection, and implementation.

Teaching Adults
Part of teen pregnancy prevention is teaching adults how to build consistent, meaningful
relationships with teens. Prosper Waco hosts online workshops to create a common language around positive youth development.

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