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Waco Connect

More than 4,500 people visit Waco’s emergency health facilities. Frequent visits to emergency departments and repeat interactions with law enforcement are two measures that point to unaddressed health and mental needs. Waco Connect will work to reduce avoidable hospital ED visits and law enforcement contacts by linking people to community resources that meet health-related social needs.


Futures Worth Protecting

Our community’s ability to grow and prosper is directly linked to the success of future generations. Adults need to equip young people with the skills and knowledge to make healthy decisions. Without engaged adults, teenagers will choose behaviors that negatively impact their lives long into adulthood.

Teen pregnancy and other consequences of risky sexual behavior can derail life plans and shortchange a person’s future. Adults matter.


Prosper Waco supports building strong teens with positive futures in education, health, and financial security and equipping adults to be strong voices for adolescent sexual health and responsible behavior. This community effort requires the coordination of partners and an increased awareness of reproductive health services in Greater Waco.

Our Community
Our Future

More than half a million Texas children and youth suffer from a serious emotional disturbance that impairs their ability to fully function in school, at home, and with their peers, and the majority of youth in juvenile justice systems have a mental health disorder.

Our Community Our Future has supported more than 1,500 youth in Greater Waco through the School-Based Mental Health, Transition Age Youth, and Youth Crisis Respite House programs. These programs improve access to care, provide a more comprehensive continuum of care, and promote health and success for children, youth and young adults.

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