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2019 Initiative Report: Expectations abound

Introductory letter to the 2019 Prosper Waco Initiative Report:

You are one terrific city. Ask anyone ... and their answer is about the possibilities on the horizon. What will 2020 hold? Expectations abound. What’s new in Waco? What will be better in 2020? Where will we see growth and change? Will we see all of Waco prosper?

Prosper Waco has been forging pathways for collaboration for five years. We have seen the results of a great city with hundreds of colleagues who have put their shoulders to the wheel of some big issues facing our community. And we have learned some lessons over the years. When we engage leadership, apply resources and keep our focus things change.

At Prosper Waco we will be on this journey with you.

We see Waco working together everyday. We believe in the effectiveness of Waco’s people; groups that are part think tank + part action steps. We are committed to research and data that makes sense to drive good decisions. 2020 is going to be a wonderful year for Waco, and we are ready to be your trusted partner.

All for the best.

Suzii Paynter March

Prosper Waco CEO

Click below for the full report:

2019 IR-Waco Working Together-PRINT
Download PDF • 10.77MB


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