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3 courses make up UpSkill's fall lineup

I have to confess I’m one of those people who breaks out my fall stuff early. It’s my favorite season, and given the heaviness of the pandemic it’s nice to do something that brings some joy even if it’s small.

It has also been encouraging to see our current UpSkill Waco manufacturing core students progressing through their training. I can’t believe the course will wrap up at the end of September and we’re already recruiting for the next class, which will start in October.

We will also host a hospitality/tourism course at the end of September, with a healthcare course potentially available in October.

It’s great to see our fall UpSkill courses coming together and that we’ll have our first 2021 alumni by the end of the year. We don’t plan to start any classes in November or December with the holidays approaching, so we will be busy recruiting and hosting classes throughout September and October alongside our awesome partners.

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Tiffany Gallegos-Whitley is director of workforce initiatives for Prosper Waco.


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