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KWTX reports on UpSkill Waco

KWTX, channel 10, interviewed Prosper Waco's Tiffany Gallegos-Whitley for a story on the new workforce program called UpSkill Waco. Reporter Hannah Hall did the interview.

"UpSkill Waco, which is a part of Prosper Waco, offers shorter term training programs and credentials to help people, especially underemployed young adults, become more qualified for better jobs," the KWTX story says.

"In addition to the training, the program offers support afterward to help participants find jobs," it continues. "Tiffany Gallegos Whitley, director of workforce initiatives at Prosper Waco, said even before the pandemic, there was a need in the community for a program like this. ...

"'We knew based on our local labor market data that we do have a high population of people that are working lower wage, lower skilled jobs,' Gallegos Whitley said. 'And then the pandemic hit, our unemployment rate rose, and it still didn’t get rid of that need.'

"Gallegos Whitley said a skilled workforce is beneficial, not only for participants, but also for the community.

"'From health, financial security, as well as our local economy as well, as people are making more, they’re able to spend more, and I think that’s a positive benefit,' Gallegos Whitley said. 'We want to be a place where employers come to build their business, and know that they have a field here that they can pull from.'"

We thank KWTX and Hannah for doing this story. See the full story at the link above.


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