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KXXV airs story about new workforce effort

Reporter Abby Loring of KXXV-TV 25 interviewed Prosper Waco's Tiffany Gallegos Whitley and Adam Barber of Texas State Technical College for the story about providing training opportunities for people seeking higher paying jobs that also are in high demand. The story aired Jan. 7.

"Prosper Waco has partnered with the City of Waco to develop UpSkill Waco, a program that provides multiple fast-tracked training courses to help those who are looking for employment," the story states.

"After a difficult year of job loss and financial hardships, Prosper Waco began working on a solution to provide training for higher wage, high demand jobs to help provide better economic stability for families in Central Texas.

“'We’ve known for a number of years that we have a high number of people in Waco who are working lower wager, lower skill jobs. And so accessing that landscape and then COVID hit and our unemployment rate unfortunately rose to higher levels than we’ve seen in years,' said Tiffany Gallegos Whitley, Prosper Waco's Director of Workforce Initiatives."

Read the complete story at the link above. We thank KXXV and Abby for their coverage of this new endeavor.


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