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Letter from our CEO

Over the last few months, our organization has been diligently working behind the scenes to enhance our foundational and operational processes. While our outward presence may have been quieter than usual, our commitment to our mission has never wavered.

During this time, we recognized the importance of fortifying our structure – with fidelity to our core identity as a collective impact organization – to better serve our community in the long run. We've been assessing, strategizing, and laying down the groundwork for a stronger, more resilient foundation upon which we can continue to build meaningful change. We have been realigning with community partners and anchor institutions whose work we were founded to support.

I am thrilled to share that we are now at an exciting juncture. As we step into this new phase, we are actively seeking to expand our team with fresh talent and diverse perspectives. The process of rebuilding is invigorating, and it fills me with anticipation for the remarkable contributions our new team members will bring to the table. In fact, you’ll read in the newsletter of the first of these hires, Deputy Director Dr. John Allen, who I am thrilled to bring to Waco as a thought partner and collaborator in the work we have ahead.

Our dedication to our community partners remains steadfast. We recognize the value of collaboration and the power of collective efforts. While navigating this internal work, as well as staffing changes, we acknowledge that there have been groups we have regrettably not convened, and we are eager to reconnect with all stakeholders as we move forward. As we rebuild our team, we truly look forward to reconvening with all of you. Your insights, wisdom, and shared goals are integral to our journey, and we are eager to reunite to continue our collaborative work.

In the coming weeks, you will start to notice our renewed energy as we build a revitalized team and unveil and work with you on our refocused initiatives. The challenges we face are great, but so is our collective resolve to create positive change and lasting impact.

Thank you for your unwavering support during this transitional period. Together, we are forging a path toward a brighter future, one where our organization stands stronger, our community partnerships flourish, and the impact of our efforts indeed drives lasting, systems-level change.

With gratitude and anticipation,

Jessica Attas

Jessica Attas is the Chief Executive Officer at Prosper Waco.


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