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MCC’s Highlander Restart Program helping students clear debts, return to college

Fifteen former McLennan Community College students have returned to school and graduated under MCC's Highlander Restart Program, according to a news release.

The program, launched in spring 2021, assists and provides resources to former students who owe MCC money, want to re-enroll, and wish to complete a degree or certificate.

"In all, 200 students have enrolled and paid more than $47,000 in outstanding balances to MCC with 15 students having completed the program and graduated while another three eligible for graduation in the coming months," the release said. "The College has also collected more than $413,000 in tuition and fees from students enrolled in the program and has forgiven close to $55,000 in student debt."

To participate, students must be in good academic standing and not have been enrolled the previous year. Students owing $500 or less are eligible to enroll immediately with no payment due. Students with balances greater than $500 must make payments to lower the balance to $500 before becoming eligible to enroll. Once enrolled, students are responsible for the current enrollment cost and must take a minimum of six credit hours per semester while maintaining a 2.0 GPA on any new coursework.

Additionally, students will complete financial literacy training and be matched with one of MCC's success coaches to help guide them through to graduation.

MCC continues to reach out to former students that are eligible to benefit from the restart program in hopes of encouraging them to continue their education and earn their credentials. Former students interested in joining the program should complete the Highlander Restart Program form linked here, and an MCC representative will contact them.

For more information about the Highlander Restart program, click here.

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