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Prosper Waco CEO stepping down later this year

Prosper Waco CEO Suzii Paynter March informed the nonprofit’s Board of Directors Executive Committee May 11 of her intention to step down from her leadership role in November this year. In doing so, she followed the preferred Board-approved succession plan by giving six-month’s notice. Board Chair Jackson Griggs informed the full Board of Directors in a June 1 called meeting.

“I am grateful to the staff and board for supporting growth in both impact and purpose for Prosper Waco,” March said. “I am making this transition with feelings of satisfaction, and I am optimistic about the future and the strength of Prosper Waco.”

March has served as CEO since being elected in August 2019. During those three years, Prosper Waco has expanded its role as Greater Waco’s collective impact initiative, attracting grant funding to Waco and advancing a number of community projects in promoting education, health, and financial security for all Waco area residents.

“With vision and immense talent, Suzii led Prosper Waco through the challenges of the pandemic, and the way she aligned community action around shared values will demonstrate enduring benefit,” said Dr. Griggs, CEO of Waco Family Medicine. “Suzii has built a strong team and is leaving Prosper Waco in an excellent position for ongoing collective impact.”

March noted that, “since 2019, we have been building a professional staff, a sturdy infrastructure, and a responsive work plan to serve Waco. We have mobilized collective impact to fulfill our mission to measurably improve health, education, and financial security for all members of the community.

“It has been energizing to work alongside the staff and elected officials of the City of Waco and McLennan County, the dedicated corps of nonprofit leaders, and the growing business community of Waco,” March said.

Prosper Waco has significantly expanded its service to the community in the past three years under the Board’s direction and March’s leadership. The staff has grown from 1.5 persons to 14.5 fully funding professionals assigned to specific community-determined projects. The Board has grown from 13 to 21 members to better reflect the varied interests of the community. This growth has occurred with an emphasis on equity, and Board and staff composition represent the diversity of Waco area residents.

Prosper Waco will release more information about the CEO transition process as decisions are made during the coming months, Dr. Griggs said.


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