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Prosper Waco Statement on Equity

Approved by Board of Directors, August 19, 2020

Multiple recent killings of African Americans, including unjust killings at the hands of police, are part of a long history of murders and lynchings that are the result of hate, bigotry, white supremacy, and/or systemic racism. The recent killings are tragic examples of broader inequities in our nation.

We recognize the Waco Police Department’s work to adhere to best practices to avoid unjust and unnecessary harm to individuals, including prohibiting the use of choke-holds. We support the Waco City Council for making equity and strategic economic development two of its primary goals. We also recognize the reality of systemic racism, and there is still much work to do as it is not hard to find real-life examples, as well as data, reflecting racial inequity in all aspects of our community.

Prosper Waco expresses a renewed commitment to equity because current circumstances require more concerted efforts. Equity involves the fair and impartial treatment of people and organizations for justice. It’s a core value of Prosper Waco, and the pursuit of equity is essential to a thriving community.

Prosper Waco remains committed to promoting equity in our organization and throughout our community.

  • Prosper Waco working groups are designed to be equitable collaborations addressing education, health, and financial security. Leaders from all segments of Greater Waco serve on these working groups and help us to approach these issues in a holistic community fashion.

  • Prosper Waco’s Board of Directors and staff represent the racial, gender, and geographical diversity that is Waco.

  • Prosper Waco is committed to disaggregating data in its varied realms of research in order to uncover underlying equity issues.

Working toward equity is central to the success of the work of Prosper Waco. We cannot fulfill our mission to bring measurable improvement to the lives of all members of our community without an accountable commitment to equity and justice.

We celebrate and enhance the strengths that are shaping Greater Waco, but we can only truly prosper as a community if we seek to understand and address the greatest challenges in our midst.


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