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Strategic Plan: Advancing public policy

By Beth Olson

From Strategic Plan:

Prosper Waco promotes awareness of community priorities with public officials and government agencies. Virtually every community effort intersects with local, state, and federal policy in some fashion. To address these issues at a systemic level and at the level of scale, it is necessary to understand and seek to influence the framework of laws and rules that apply to a sector.

2022-2024 Strategic Actions

  • Communicate relevant data and community information to public officials on issues of direct relevance to Prosper Waco’s work.

  • Elevate and connect the work that is ongoing in the three portfolio areas of Prosper Waco to city, county, and state officials.

  • Monitor laws and proposed legislation at the state level.

  • Educate and advise on issues related to priorities and goals.


Public policy directly impacts how organizations in Waco are able to serve clients. Most state laws provide much-needed direction. Others hinder our community’s ability to help Wacoans improve their education, health, and financial security. Similarly, maintaining state (and federal) funding for projects and organizations in Waco is essential to accomplishing community-wide goals.

In order to pass legislation or approve funding that bolsters local programs, state lawmakers must understand how organizations in Waco are already addressing community needs. This is where Prosper Waco comes in.

Prosper Waco can serve as a conduit between direct service providers in Waco and lawmakers in Austin. We coordinate data and feedback from our community partners, craft talking points, and communicate that information to state legislators and their staff. We work with statewide coalitions to track legislation and help lawmakers understand how their votes affect all Wacoans. Similarly, we keep local stakeholders informed about the status of legislation and help them understand how it directly affects their work.

To download and read the full Prosper Waco Strategic Plan follow the link.

Beth Olson is director of adolescent health initiatives for Prosper Waco.


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