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Strategic Plan: Establish shared measurements

By Jeremy Rhodes

From Strategic Plan:

Prosper Waco, as a collective impact backbone, is designed to be a data hub for the community. The role of Prosper Waco as a data leader for the community is to provide meaningful and substantial data relevant to local indicators across sectors. Measurable improvement toward community priorities is a primary focus and emphasis on equity requires disaggregation of data in measurement and interpretation. Prosper Waco has a primary community role to provide landscape analyses to accurately reflect needs, gaps, assets and trends.

2022-2024 Strategic Actions

  • Make disaggregated data available to community leaders and organizations through varied means.

  • Analyze available data and promote community understanding of actual rather than perceived reality.

  • Articulate and operationalize a data leadership role as a service to the community.


One of the ways Prosper Waco provides access to community data is through the Waco Roundtable, a powerful platform that enables members of our community to explore the place we call home. With the Waco RoundTable, any user can explore variation across the county in common indicators such as racial composition, income, poverty, and educational attainment. The insights gained by the Waco RoundTable can guide us to create more effective and data-driven strategies for the good of Waco.

To download and read the full Prosper Waco Strategic Plan follow the link.

Jeremy Rhodes, Ph.D., is director of research and community impact with Prosper Waco.


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