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Strategic Plan: Promote continuous communication

By Telawna Kirbie

From Strategic Plan:

Prosper Waco helps community leaders communicate and collaborate in pursuit of systems change to build public will and the ability to access and redress disparities in opportunities and outcomes. Continuous communication involves every member of the Prosper Waco Board and staff. It also involves specific organizational communications strategies in support of all PW goals.

2022-2024 Strategic Actions

  • Promote understanding of Prosper Waco’s work through community conversations of individual Board members, staff members, and stakeholders.

  • Aid community partner organizations and individuals to understand broader community perspectives.

  • Use digital and news media to communicate key portions of the work to the broader community.


Intentional, clear, and consistent communication is integral to the work of Prosper Waco. Collaboration with community partners and leaders requires this heightened level of communication in order to be effective.

Prosper Waco staff are highly engaged in a number of local working groups related to needs identified by community partners. Currently, PW staff members facilitate, co-facilitate, or serve as members in 11 local working groups. These committees have been instrumental in deepening community members’ understanding of issues related to health, education, and financial security and have created strategies – such as expanding services – that directly impact residents of Waco.

To download and read the full Prosper Waco Strategic Plan follow the link.

Telawna Kirbie is director of behavioral health initiatives for Prosper Waco.


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