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Superheroes work best as teams

By Hermann Pereira

I have been fascinated since childhood with the idea of superheroes, and I watched them all. I watched the movies and had the toys, I was a huge fan!

The superheroes I loved the most were the ones that had a team, a squad, a group of people they depended on. The idea of individuals coming together for a cause greater than themselves is still compelling today.

This past month I have witnessed multiple community members coming together to collaborate in order to serve a larger purpose. The education working groups consist of community superheros wanting to see every student succeed. Let me share with you about these hard working groups that I depend on each month to carry out the mission of student success:

  • Early Childhood Committee is led by Rachel Page, Teresa Chavez and Gwen James;

  • Informal Learning Working Group is led by Cindee Millard;

  • Mentor Waco Coalition is led by Travis Cheetham and Rachel Martinez;

  • School Focused Wrap Around Services Working Group is led by Josh Caballero and Sarah Pedrotti; and

  • Education, Workforce and Talent Alliance is led by Jennifer Branch, Clay Springer, and Chad Eggleston.

All of our working groups are open to anyone in the community interested in working hard for all students in our area. Please email me at and I can connect you to one of these groups. We hope to talk to you soon.

Hermann Pereira is Prosper Waco’s senior content specialist for education.


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