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UpSkill moves from merely collaboration to alignment

By Hermann Pereira

It has been very rewarding and enjoyable to work on our workforce development initiative called UpSkill Waco. Community partners came together and built this concept into a viable service.

I view UpSkill Waco like a science experiment we used to do in high school. In each experiment you have to adjust the variables to get things just right. Some of the variables we have adjusted have been scholarships, credential training from both of our higher education partners, intentional wrap-around services, accessible training in community centers, stipends, and now most recently rental assistance. As we layer in support it's only possible when organizations move from only collaborating to truly aligning.

We are seeing the fruits of alignment and so are the participants in our UpSkill cohorts. Tiffany and Heaven on our workforce team have been doing an incredible job leading this effort. If you would like to hear more please visit our website

You can hear about our current alignment with McLennan Community College and the City of Waco on a Fox 44 news story.

If you would like to connect, please reach out. I would love to have a conversation about this and/or other topics with you. Please feel free to contact me at

Hermann Pereira is chief program officer for Prosper Waco.


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