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Waco leaders focus on financial empowerment

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

More than 50 Waco community and finance leaders gathered May 26 for an "Addressing Financial Empowerment" briefing. Prosper Waco's Dexter Hall, chief of staff and senior financial security specialist, laid out challenges and opportunities we face related to financial security throughout Waco.

Dexter Hall (at lecture) speaks during the briefing.

Alfred Solano

Charles Williams (l-r), Andrea Barefield, John Kinnaird, Suzii Paynter March, and Hazel Rowe

John Bible (l-r), Deidra Emerson, Stephanie Mabry, Wendy Ellis, and Fiona Bond

Dexter Hall

Suzii Paynter March

John Kinnaird

Ashley Allison (l-r), Jackson Griggs, Felicia Chase Goodman, Alfred Solano

Mayor Dillon Meek


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