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Prosper Waco has made available to our community a broad data and information portal through the website houses over 100 quantitative indicators about our community that will help individuals and organizations better understand the statistical reality of Greater Waco across a variety of interest areas and geographies. (This data is accessed in the left column of the website homepage.)

For instance, Internet access has become a critical part of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some parts of our community are more likely to have internet subscriptions than others. According to the American Community Survey (2018), 49.2% of households within the 76704 ZIP code did not have an internet subscription, compared to 13.4% in 76712.

Without Internet access, adults and children may have great difficulty in carrying out their work and education, as well as connecting with doctors during this pandemic.

You can explore the data yourself through At the website, click on “Let’s Explore” under the Discover Community Data header on the splash screen. This takes you to what is called the Map Home Page. Click on “Education” or “Health” under topic and “No Internet Access” under indicator.

We invite all working group member organizations to create a profile on the RoundTable site.

If you have questions about, please contact Dr. Jeremy Rhodes, (updated email address Dec. 15, 2021)


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