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By Ferrell Foster

A new data platform is rolling out for use across Greater Waco. It’s called houses over 100 quantitative indicators about our community that will help nonprofits, businesses, governmental entities, and other organizations understand better the statistical reality of Greater Waco across a variety of interest areas and geographies.

Nonprofits, businesses, governmental entities, and other organizations are now able to go to the site and share basic information in order to help other groups and individuals to know about them and what they do.

For instance, already in this early stage, a person can go to the site looking for information about health organizations and see several in the city of Waco. That will expand as more organizations add their profile information. But it’s not just for the city of Waco; it is for the broader McLennan County community.

There is no cost to adding your organization profile. This is a free service to organizations provided by Prosper Waco, with support from the City of Waco.

It’s easy to add your organizational profile.

You might first view a couple of existing profiles to see the type of information that can be shared. For instance, here is the profile for Act Locally Waco. And here is the one for Grassroots Community Development. And, the one for Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

To set up a profile, an acknowledged representative of a nonprofit, business, governmental entity, or other organization will go to and click the button below “Create a Profile.”

You will then be prompted for your email address and to create a password.

Once you have logged in, you will see a page with four tabs at the top — Dashboard, Organization Profile, Manage Programs, and Users.

Click on Organization Profile and there will be a form to input the different information, some are required but not all. You can save each item as you go or at the end.

At the end, click submit.

Prosper Waco staff reviews all submissions and, if everything is in order, shares them publicly.

Once you have completed the basic profile information, you can sign back in and add more detailed information on your organization’s varied programs. For instance, Act Locally Waco has a program called Waco Walks; check it out.

The profiles and programs help groups and individuals connect with needed organizations, but more is coming to the site.

For more information or for help completing a program, contact Ferrell Foster at


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