Waco RoundTable

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The Waco Roundtable is a powerful tool that enables members of our community to explore the place we call home.  You can find the locations of organizations that serve the community in various ways, and create maps that allow you to assess and understand the state of the community across unique neighborhood boundaries.  In addition to visualizing basic demographics, you can explore over 100 important community-level indicators in domains such as health, education, arts & culture, poverty, and others.  Our hope is to use the Waco RoundTable to improve community IQ, and make better data-informed decisions as we dream and plan for Waco's future.

Get started in RoundTable

Need help getting started? The following instructional videos can prepare you to accomplish your goals within RoundTable.

How to create a RoundTable profile for your organization.

If you would like to create a profile on RoundTable for your organization, this video explains all the steps.

How to explore data on RoundTable

This video explains how to use RoundTable to explore community-level data, and create maps to show the community landscape of health, education, financial security, and other domains.

How to make a 1-pager

After you've learned how to explore data on RoundTable, this video explains how to download the relevant data and create a 1-page summary of the indicators you care about.

How to explore organization profiles on RoundTable

RoundTable is a great place to discover more about the organizations that are committed to create a better Waco for us all. This video explains how to explore the organization profiles. 

How to create a program page on RoundTable

If your organization has a profile on RoundTable, you can add pages to explain the various programs you offer the community.