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Education & Workforce

Education & Worforce

Central Texas College Access Network

McLennan County CAN exists to increase the access to certificates and degree programs for students in McLennan County, provide supports through completion of those programs, and focus on the access to financial resources and college information for all students in McLennan County.

Led by: Prosper Waco

To get involved, contact: Vincent Phillips or Stephanie Trammel

Waco Employer Resource Network (WERN)

The Waco Employer Resource Network (WERN) is comprised of local job training programs, social service agencies, staffing agencies and employers that collaborate to help job seekers find full-time jobs more quickly, provide support to individuals to maintain employment and offer employers a central point of contact to access the services of local agencies to fill job openings and reduce turnover.

Led by: Prosper Waco

To get involved, contact: Tiffany Gallegos Whitley or Lydia Tate


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Access to Healthcare

The purpose of the group is to address the ability of everyone in our community to be able to access needed healthcare in a timely manner. The group not only addresses this from the healthcare side but also considers the need to address social determinants of health and equity issues. The group is examining access to both physical and behavioral healthcare.

Led by: Prosper Waco

To get involved, contact: Telawna Kirbie

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Financial Security

Financial Security

City of Waco Housing Task Force

he City of Waco housing task groups are a result of the Waco Strategic Housing Plan to stabilize, subsidize, and increase the supply of affordable housing in our community. The task groups are comprised of community partners working to develop and implement strategies that lead to every resident of Waco having a safe and affordable home.

Led by: City of Waco

To get involved, contact: Josh Caballero

Cross-over Groups

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Community Colaboration
2021-05-26 Economic Empowerment Meeting-IMG_3680.jpg


Greater Waco Educator Community of Practice

This group consists to build a cohesive process in providing and maintaining a diverse, quality teacher and paraprofessional workforce to serve local K-12 programs.

Led by: Prosper Waco

To get involved, contact: Hazel Rowe or Fred Hills

Behavioral Health Leadership Team

The BHLT is composed of leadership from the local mental health authority, healthcare providers, government, and philanthropic foundations committed to aligning their resources to address mental health and substance abuse issues.

Led by: Behavioral Health Network

Available by invite only through: Daniel Thompson

Healthy Women & Children Coalition

The Healthy Women and Children Coalition is a dedicated group led by the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District, health education specialists, and social services and community volunteers who are working to increase the number of women who receive annual preventative care, reduce teen pregnancy, and reduce disparities in health outcomes of women of all races.

Led by: McLennan County Health District

To get involved, contact: Katherine McCraig

Live Well Waco

Live Well Waco is a robust group of social service and health education providers who have been working together for over five years on projects aimed at reducing adult and childhood obesity and other chronic diseases through promoting healthy eating and active living.

Led by: McLennan County Health District

To get involved, contact: Emily Green

Our Communities
Our Future

OCOF is a local committee comprised of community partners that serve children and adolescents and young adults in our region. The goal of this committee is to identify the existing needs of children and adolescents, as well as pool and seek resources where available to meet those needs.

Led by: Multiple Organizations

To get involved, contact: Brad Neimer

Community Resource Coordination Group

The Heart of Texas Aging and Disability Resource Center (HOT ADRC) hosts meetings of the Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG) held monthly to facilitate handling of difficult client cases involving multiple complex needs. Representatives from various agencies attend, discuss the cases, and identify providers who can assist with the needs of the clients.

Led by: Heart of Texas Aging & Disability Resource Center

To get involved, contact: Tiffany Soto

Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition

The Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition (HOTHC) works towards: - Fostering public education & awareness about the issue of homelessness. - Improve outreach to homeless persons. - Identify gaps or duplications in services and develop strategic plans to provide a continuum of care when serving the homeless. - Advocate for quality institutional and non-institutional care and individualized treatment for the mentally ill homeless.

Led by: Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition

To get involved, contact: Nicole Wiscombe

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