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Students need our support more than ever

The beginning of a school year is full of excitement and slight nervousness that is shared by families and teachers. As parents, we are sending our best into the schools with hopes that they will achieve and learn. As educators, we give our best to engage and love students.

All that goes on throughout the country and our community flows through the halls of our schools. Each family has their own personal views and politics, but I urge you to rally and support your local schools.

As I write …

  • Teachers are going above and beyond to engage students all while keeping them safe.

  • Coaches are going the extra mile to develop student athletes and provide an athletic outlet for them.

  • Administrators and district leaders are setting the cultures on their campuses, as well as making difficult decisions in order to keep students safe.

  • Community-based organizations have put on back-to-school events and giveaways in an effort to support as many students as possible. These events were remarkable and made a tremendous impact on families.

There is no secret that this school year will be a challenging one. For many in our community it has started off challenging already. What I have noticed is that the community always stands behind their schools. So keep up the support, Waco, our students and schools need your full support now more than ever.

Hermann Pereira is chief program officer of Prosper Waco.


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