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Be willing, even if not wealthy

By Ferrell Foster

Not all of us are wealthy, but we can all be willing when it comes to helping others.

Today is Giving Tuesday, and virtually every nonprofit is seeking funding. This comes after several days of traditional consumer spending, but we can hope there is still money in our pockets to be shared.

Nonprofits enable a community to do things that need to be done but are outside the scope of a for-profit business model. This sector of our community and economy is important to all of us but especially so to those with fewer resources and opportunities, including those who have suffered the negative consequences of institutionalized inequity.

A colleague, Dexter Hall, and I thought today it would be a good idea to encourage support of our local nonprofits and those in need more generally. We may not be wealthy, but if we are willing to help we can make difference in the lives of our neighbors, some of whom may live close by while others live across town. We're all in this together.

Ferrell Foster is senior specialist for care and communication with Prosper Waco.


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