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Photos: Magnolia Table hosts launch of new 'tangled title' effort

Civic leaders of Greater Waco gathered June 2 at Magnolia Table restaurant to begin fundraising for Prosper Waco's new effort to help untangle "tangled titles." A story in the Waco Tribune-Herald the next day gave details of the plan to the broader community.

PW Board Chair Jackson Griggs and CEO Suzii Paynter March challenged the June 2 group to raise money for the effort as a means of building personal assets among those with low-to-moderate-income. Increased assets are key means to closing the wealth gap, especially among traditionally disadvantaged groups.

Waco Mayor Dillon Meek, Councilwoman Andrea Barefield, Baylor's Jeremy Vickers, and Prosper Waco's Dexter Hall also spoke at the gathering to introduce the effort and illustrate the need.

Photos from the evening (courtesy of Willie Keener):

Dr. Jackson Griggs (left), CEO of Waco Family Medicine and Chair of the PW Board of Directors, offers thanks and issues a challenge to initial donors to Prosper Waco's tangled title effort.

Robert & Diane Barnes (l-r), with Ben & Suzii Paynter March

Waco Police Chief Dr. Sheryl Victorian (l-r, near table), Dr. Rotimi & Dr. Alex Adesina, Dr. Zach Sartor, and Erin & Dr. Jackson Griggs

Event Emcee Councilwoman Andrea Barefield, Stephanie & Dr. Jeremy Korteweg, Linda Weaver, and Elijah Barefield

Ellen Derrick (l-r), Ashley Allison, Linda Crawford, and Jamie Goble

Austin & Casey Hooper (l-r) and Lindsey & Mayor Dillon Meek

Dr. Fred & Barb Hills (l-r, near table), Kyle McIntroy, & Emily Hills

John Hunt (l-r, clockwise from left), Rev. Hannah Coe, Eric & Rene Hobbs, Dr. Jon Singletary, and Josh Caballero

Shane Turner (l-r), Catherine Neilson, Daniella Rodriguez, and Stinson Bland

Beth Olson, Kelly Atkinson, Alfred Solano, and Justin Rosolino

Brad & Shelley Crye (l-r), Dr. Umad & Brittanie Ahmad, and Demetria & Charles Williams

Ty Clark (l-r), Brian & Emily Anderson, Ron & Denise Anderson, and Mande Clark

Hunter & Andrea Kosar (l-r, near table), Jackie Vickers, Julie Cervantes, John Kinnaird, and Dr. Jeremy Vickers

Dr. Hazel Rowe (l-r, near table), Dr. Peaches Henry, and Kris & Charlie Olson

John Alexander & Ruth Boardman Alexander (l-r) and Dexter Hall

Angie Dogger (l-r, near table), Dr. Stacy Bullion, Kevin Stevenson, Ellen Bridger, and Sunny Deeds

Yvonne & Hon. Fernando Villarreal (clockwise from front), Brooke Rosolino, Mike & Katy Vogelaar, Alissa & Matt Scheuritzel, and Dr. Sharon Shields

It took two photos to get this entire table: Justin & Brooke Rosolino (clockwise from left), Mike & Katy Vogelaar (l-r), Alissa & Matt Scheuritzel, Dr. Sharon Shields, Carla Shields, and Yvonne & Hon. Fernando Villarreal

Jenn Vasquez and April Nunn

Magnolia Table restaurant provided a great setting for conversation, especially about the need for the tangled title effort.

Dexter Hall and Suzii Paynter March greet guests and provide more information about tangled titles.

Telawna Kirbie (clockwise from left), Dr. Deneece Ferrales, Carlos Medrano, and Tiffany Gallegos Whitley

Heaven Lee and Dylan Dauphiney

Dr. Jeremy Rhodes, Dr. Ferrell Foster, and Sammy Salazar

Our thanks to Magnolia Table for making this event possible. Lives in Greater Waco will be changed because of Magnolia's contribution to our community.


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